When Feyzi Kaya and his family started out in 1961, the Turkish tourism industry was very poor in terms of quality standards, especially when compared to the other examples in the world. Naturally their target was clear. The hotel management concept in Izmir should reach to the universal norms. 2-star Kaya Touristic Hotel with 36 rooms, which isn’t now within the group, was then the first step to bring this purpose into life. It became a model for Izmir for many long years.

In 1973, Feyzi Kaya and his sons incorporated 3-star Karaca Hotel with 72 rooms and Karaca Cinema with their unique entrepreneurial spirit. These 2 hotels served for Izmir tourism till 1987, and were the examples of initiatives of 80s in terms of professional business understanding and quality standards.

In 1983, the start of tourism incentives was a turning point for the tourism sector. While investors shifted to the Southern Turkey, Kaya group decided to continue investing in Izmir and started the construction of Kaya Prestige in 1989. 4-star 142-room Kaya Prestige was completed within a little time as 22 months and introduced two new concepts, comfort and aesthetics.

Kaya Prestige was crowned his success with awards from Izmir chamber of trade and industry it granted every year.  Kaya Prestige started its Catering Service in 1994 and took a major role in introducing the outside catering concept to the city. Kaya Prestige Catering has been making its name to be mentioned with professional managers, selected personnel, and well equipped equipment and excellent organizations that have been successfully fulfilled.  The catering service, which has been serving to all the Aegean Region with its experience became the unchanged address of weddings, aniversaries and corporate events.  In this respect, in January 2009, Trade Leaders Clup, based in Madrid, granted the golden award of International Food& Beverage and Catering Award to Kaya Prestige.

In parallel to the increasing capacity of hotels in the region, Arı Kaya Laundry Service was founded by the group, in order to satify the needs of the hotel and restaurant sector. With the establishment of Arı Kaya, a big gap in the industry was fulfilled. Arı Kaya serves around 50 companies in the sector in the Izmir region. Arı Kaya moved to its new factory in May, 2009, continues to grow with the new additional equipments and 4000 m2 closed area.

As a result of the strategy of Kaya group to open to outside of İzmir, Erythrai Hotel in Çeşme Ildırı was built in 1994. 4-star 300-bed Erythrai hotel was completed in such a short time as 18 months and served its unique opportunities to the sun, sea and entertainment enthusiasts. Erythrai hotel has been operated by different businessmen for the last 4 years and will be operated within the body of the group again after October, 2009.

Under the leadership of Mustafa Kaya, Kaya group of companies is proud to operate as hotel owners and operators for 3 generations, have still been working with the first day’s excitement while leaving 37 successful years behind. The group which sets off with the idea of opening İzmir tourism to the world is today continuing its road with the same faith with 3 hotels, 5 joint-stock companies and 350 people.

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